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The Art & Science of Healing Children

For nearly two decades, the CARES Institute has provided help and compassion – and ultimately, hope – for children who have experienced abuse. The CARES Institute is acknowledged as a model of excellence in healing children and families who have experienced abuse, neglect and violence.

Education, Experience & Empathy

The CARES Institute provides an array of medical and mental health services developed to meet the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of children through an individualized plan for the specific circumstances of each child and family.

The children visiting the CARES Institute are comforted by the safe, predictable and healing environment provided by our medical and mental health professionals who are regarded as experts in the specialized field of child abuse.

Our inter-disciplinary approach utilizes evidenced-based mental health and medical services to support the overall health and well-being of children and families. The staff members at the CARES Institute provide a nurturing environment in which children and families can heal.

The pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers at the CARES Institute also provide training and education to medical, mental health, child protection and law enforcement professionals. In addition, we host an annual symposium and lectures where internationally-recognized experts in the field of child abuse share their skills and knowledge about best practices.

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